Resin Pro Kit For Beginners Review

We tested the Resin Pro Epoxy Resin Kit for beginners and were not disappointed. This kit provides you with all you need to get started with some simple epoxy resin projects. I’ll talk you through what’s included in the kit and how you can get started with making an epoxy resin pendant.

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What’s included in the kit?

You can choose from five different sized sets. All sets come with iCrystal resin and glitters; you can also buy kits that include small pear shaped pendant moulds that are perfect for making necklaces or keyrings. The large beginners kit with moulds is the one we tried for this blog.

Below is what you’ll find in the box:

  • 750 grams of iCrystal epoxy resin
  • 4 small bottles of glitter – these are sent at random. We got two beautiful pink colours, the cutest tiny white stars, and a gold bottle too
  • 1 bottle of mica powder – again, these are sent at random but we loved the pearl white we got that went perfectly with the stars
  • 6 mixing sticks
  • 4 mixing cups
  • 2 gloves pairs
  • Mould with 3 domed pair shapes
  • Detailed and easy to follow instructions.

Is there anything else you might need?

This beginner resin kit is jam packed with beginner goodies but, there are a few extras that will make things easier for you:

  • Scales / measuring cups
    Kitchen scales or measuring cups essential to get resin ratios right. Incorrect ratios can lead to final pieces that doesn’t set or that may be flexible even after curing.
  • Workspace covering
    Working with epoxy resin can be very messy. If you spill your resin you can use a 99% isopropyl spray like this to clean up quickly and efficiently. This is great but, if you miss a bit and get resin on your work space or equipment, it can often be very difficult to remove.

    To reduce issues with dried resin, we love using cling film / saran wrap to cover our benches and even scales. Any spillages can quickly be contained and removed. Silicone mats are also a great addition to your resin kit. They can be wiped easily or when your resin cures, you can often just peal off any spillages and use it again.
  • Isopropyl spray
    Perfect for cleaning your resin before it cures, isopropyl is an alcohol spray that can be easily purchased from Amazon. It is a great product to have to hand. You can also spray a little over your moulds after you have poured your mixed resin to reduce if not eliminate bubbles that will rise to the surface of your resin as it begins to cure.
  • Microwave food cover
    If you’re working in an area that is regularly used in your house or somewhere prone to dust like a garage or shed, these food covers can be perfect to stop any dust from getting in your project. They have air holes at the top to prevent over heating or flash curing too.

How to use your beginner resin kit

First steps

Resin Pro iCrystal Beginner Kit

We really recommend that you get all of your kit open and laid out before you mix your resin. This way you’ll have easy access to everything. This will reduce the chance of things getting knocked or spilled as you work your way through your project.

It is a good idea to have a little bit of a plan on which colours and glitters you’d like to use too. Opening small bottles can be a bit difficult when you have gloves on. Doing it before hand can save time and will make it a lot easier for you.

Mixing your resin

The Resin Pro iCrystal resin is a 2:1 ratio (for every 100ml part A, you will need 50ml of part B).

Using scales really helps with this part. Bigger cups can help when you’d like to mix up bigger batches of resin too. It will take around 3-5 minutes of slow and steady stirring to fully mix both parts of the resin.
Don’t be tempted to mix too fast or you can end up with too many bubbles. Read our blog to find more tips on how to reduce bubbles in your epoxy resin.

The instructions that come with this beginners kit are perfect and guide you through the best ways to ensure your resin is fully mixed.

Resin Pro iCrystal Resin

Add your colour / mix in’s

This beginners set comes with enough colours and glitters to let your creativity run wild and create a number of totally different colours and textures. The smaller cups provided are perfect for splitting up your mixed resin which means you can then add the mica powder and glitter to smaller amounts and use multiple colours and textures in your moulds.

Pour in to the mould

Pour your mix nice and slowly. The moulds you get in this starter kit are quite small so you don’t want to pour too quickly. Make sure you fill them right to the top.

We recommend that you have extra moulds to hand that you can pour any left over resin in to. We often have some lovely things made up with a number of left overs and you can just add to it each time you make something.

Cure and demould

The Resin Pro iCrystal has a 24 hour curing time. I recommend letting your mould cure under a microwave cover to protect it from any dust. Always keep your resin away from children and pets. The Resin Pro iCrystal is non toxic but like all resins should be used in a well ventilated space. Gloves should be used to protect skin from any spillages or splashes too.

Our final thoughts

I absolutely loved the way this resin was so easy to mix. It was crystal clear and set solid with no bubbles. Once the pendant was demoulded, it was clear to see that this resin is in a class of its own. There was no need for a top coat or any sanding.

This kit is absolutely perfect for beginners. It is easy to work with, gives you a great range of colours and textures to work with and produces the most beautiful pendants. There was plenty of resin left over too for the next project.

I would absolutely recommend buying this kit. I will certainly be buying more of the iCrystal Resin to top up my supplies. This crystal clear and easy to pour epoxy resin is so easy to work with.

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