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We’ve written a range of projects to help you turn from crafting beginner to resin pro.

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Epoxy Resin

Find out how to get the best results for your epoxy resin project. We talk you through the different types of resin and which projects they are best suited to along with suggestions for what to include in your epoxy resin toolbox. We also give the best tips and tricks to help ensure you get crystal clear bubble free epoxy resin.

Eco Resin

Eco resin is a relatively new concept but a hugely popular material to work with. Find out which eco resin we like working with and how you can add colours and textures to make your project unique and successful.

UV Resin

UV Resin can create some amazing pieces in minutes. Follow our step by step guides and read our top tips to help you create some simple but beautiful UV resin pieces.

Flower Preservation

From drying flowers to looking at how best to preserve them in resin, our blogs will guide you through this simple but effective way of adding flowers to your resin.

Resin Jewellery

Learn how to make stunning yet simple jewellery pieces with Epoxy Resin and UV Resin. We look at different tools and techniques you can explore to help your jewellery box or craft stall shine.

Resin Tutorials

From bookmarks to bowls, coasters to cake stands, our blogs will give you simple step by step guides on how to create some amazing resin art using Epoxy Resin, UV Resin and Eco Resin.

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Craft Business Advice

Are you thinking about turning your crafting hobby in to a business. Or simply looking to sell a few things to help you pay for your crafting addition?

Our blogs will provide you with some top tips on how how to get started with a small craft business and the best ways to promote and sell your products.

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