Eco Resin – Eco Pour® H2O Review

What is Eco Pour® H2O?

Eco Pour® H2O is an environmentally friendly, non toxic, water activated casting powder. Comparable with the likes of ResinCrete and Jesmonite, Eco Pour has no harsh chemicals or solvents. It is a single component that comes in a bag. All you need to do is weigh it, add tap water, mix and pour!

You can create some beautiful projects like bowls, trays, jewellery, planters, candle holders etc.

What are the key features of Eco Pour® H2O?

  • Heat resistant and suitable for candles
  • Can be easily sanded with wet/dry sandpaper
  • Perfect for creating ceramics and marble or terrazzo effect
  • Can be sealed to prevent staining, water penetration and for outdoor use using our Eco Pour Sealer
  • Eco Resin can be easily coloured with Eco Pour Pigments
  • Extremely durable, resisting high impact
  • UV Resistant – will not fade in sunlight
Working time
(How long you have to pour after mixing)
10-20 minutes at 23 °c
Unmoulding time30-60 minutes
Full cure time24 – 48 Hours for optimum cured strength
Shelf life Unlimited when kept dry
Colour White but easily coloured with Eco Pour / Eco Resin pigments
Key features of Eco Pour

Is Eco Pour just like plaster of paris?

No, Eco Pour is not the same as plaster of paris! It looks similar and is mixed with water. However, feedback from customers who have used plaster of paris before say that it doesn’t compare. This is because:

  • Eco Pour has been formulated specifically for art and casting so it is much easier to work with and is more fluid
  • Plaster hardens much faster so it doesn’t give you the time to create effects or take a breath whilst pouring!
  • Once cured the surface on both sides is super smooth. This doesn’t happen with plaster of paris
  • Plus you can’t pour plaster like resin (you can with Eco Pour) to create textured effects on geodes, trays, coasters etc.

How does Eco Pour differ from other similar products that create cement/ceramic textures?

Eco Pour is different as it consists of one component and only requires tap water to be added as you are ready to use it. This makes it easier to use and creates a smoother finish – meaning less sanding!

Do I need any extra kit?

Eco Pour is really simple to work with and doesn’t require much to get you creating some amazing projects. There’s a few things we recommend that you’ll need:

  • Kitchen scales
  • Silicone moulds (the same ones can be used for Eco Resin and Epoxy Resin)
  • Plastic or silicone cups, one for water and one for the powder. You’ll want additional ones for each extra colour you plan on using.
  • Protective mat or cling film / saran wrap
  • Stick or spoon for stirring
  • Big spoon or scoops for scooping out your powder
  • Sponge (for any spillages)
  • Fine grit sandpaper

How do you add colour to Eco Pour?

Eco Resin can be easily coloured with acrylic paint and resin pigment paste. For best results though, you’ll want to use the Eco Pour Pigments which give the most amazing vibrant colours.

Once you’ve mixed your eco pour, you’ll only have 10-20 minutes to work with so it is a good idea to have all of your colours ready and open. You will only need a very small amount of colour which you can add with a silicone stick or lolly pop stick.

How is it done?

The powder to water ratio = 100 : 30 E.g. 100g powder and 30g water. (This can be adjusted to suit your required viscosity or preference and is only a guide).

  1. You will want to measure your powder then add the appropriate amount of water and mix thoroughly
  2. Add any colour (if you are adding some)
  3. Add your Eco Pour to your mould
  4. Tap the edges of your mould to release any air pockets or bubbles
  5. Let your project set for 20-30 minutes. Check it is solid before you de mould
  6. Remove the project from your mould
  7. We recommend letting your item dry for a further 24 hours before sanding and adding any sealant.

Your kit can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Make sure you rinse any cups or moulds thoroughly before storing them for next time.

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Can you seal Eco Pour?

Eco Pour can be sealed to prevent staining, water penetration and for when you might be using your project outdoors. For the best protection you can buy the Eco Pour Sealer. You can also use bees wax and coconut oil.

Can you use Eco Pour with Epoxy Resin?

Yes, Eco Pour is compatible with epoxy resin. Just make sure that you allow each layer to fully cure before pouring on top of it.

Our verdict…

We absolutely love Eco Pour. It is a way of creating some amazingly beautiful items in a really short space of time. We love that its eco friendly, right down to the recyclable boxes its posted in. Unlike Epoxy Resin, Eco Pour isn’t as affected by the cold temperatures – making it perfect if you craft in a colder space like a shed or garage.

The modern look and feel of Eco Pour makes it a really attractive product. As it is so simple to work with, you have little set up time meaning its great for crafting if you don’t have much time.

Overall, I think this might be one of my favourite mediums to craft with.

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