What can I make with Eco Resin?

What is Eco Resin?

Eco resin is one of the most flexible resins, the best for the environment and with little effort you can make beautiful pieces in a really short time. Unlike Epoxy Resin, its non toxic so safe to use with children and around animals. Although gloves and goggles are still a great idea, there’s no need for respirators like there is with Epoxy Resin.

Where to start with Eco Resin?

We love eco friendly resin – JDResinCrete. ResinCrete is a type of eco resin sets within 20 minutes and is fully dry within 24 hours. This is a total game changer for crafters or those of you looking to start up a craft business.

The ResinCrete starter kit is a great option for beginners as it contains everything you need to make a simple but modern chunky bubble dish, heart shape ornament and star dish. It comes with a range of JDResinCrete colours too which allow you to test out some simple but effective styles.

What does the kit include?

The JDiction ResinCrete starter kit includes:

– 1000g ResinCrete powder (this will make around 5-7 trays or dishes with the moulds provided)
– 2 x Reusable plastic measuring cups
– 1 x Reusable plastic stirrer
– 4 x Colours
– Wax (to protect and waterproof your piece)
– Sandpaper
– Instructions

You can experiment with your eco friendly resin and try out the moulds provided. Once you’ve got it figured out you can try adding texture like eco glitter and terazzo to create some eye catching pieces.

Next steps…

If you’ve mastered the basics and are looking for the next challenge, you can go as far as your imagination allows.

JDiction ResinCrete Pigment

JDiction sell their ResinCrete by the bag and you can often find it on offer on Amazon. They also sell their JDiction ResinCrete pigment colours set which we absolutely love. Its perfectly created for use with ResinCrete so you know its going to give vibrant colours. You can mix their colours to create your own unique blend too.

Amazon, Etsy and places like Temu and Shein have some amazing moulds at really low prices. They’re perfect for practicing and finding out what you enjoy making best and what works for your market (if you’re selling your products). It’s always worth checking the reviews though because some moulds can be lower quality than others especially when making larger projects.

Candle holders

ResinCrete is a heat resistant eco resin so perfect for making candle holders and tealight stands.

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Coasters are a great project to try and you can mix and match a range of methods and use terrazzo patterns to make them look really effective. We find coasters sell really well at markets, especially around Christmas.

We love these Let’s Resin coaster moulds that come with a coaster stand too. You get circle, square and octagon moulds to try out which makes the set great value for money.

Trinket dishes

Dishes and trays can be easily made in to sets or sold with contrasting colours. They look really effective and can be displayed well in stands and in shops. They’re versatile too so you can set them up with examples of how they might be used.


Large plates and dishes look stunning when made with Eco Resin and can look great even without a colour pigment. Just keep in mind that they will use a considerable amount of product. Think about how much you would need to sell them for and if they would appeal to your market at that price or if you’re happy spending that much on making a gift. That being said, we love this mould from Amazon which makes some stunning large serving dishes.

Christmas decorations

Amazon have an amazing range of Christmas moulds that have holes built in. This makes them super simple to add ribbons and strings that help create a really unique product. Add glitter and gold leaf and your Christmas decorations will really stand out. You can also add vinyl to personalise your products – always a huge appeal that will help you stand out from the competition.

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