JDiction ResinCrete starter kit review

Are you thinking about starting out with ResinCrete or looking to buy a great gift for a keen crafter? We talk about the relatively new and affordable ResinCrete Starter Kit.

ResinCrete Eco Resin Starter Kit

JDiction ResinCrete – What is it?

JDiction ResinCrete is relatively new to the market and is an alternative to Jesmonite – a concrete like resin product that gives smooth, hardwearing natural looking products. Its available to buy from Amazon and you’ll often catch it on offer. It’s a great low cost starter kit and great value compared to some other eco resin’s on the market making it the perfect starter kit.

What’s included in the JDiction ResinCrete Starter Kit?

The JDiction ResinCrete Starter Kit contains everything you need to get going with your first project:

  • Bag of ResinCrete
  • Colour pigment – Red, black, green, yellow, pink
  • 2 x Measuring cups
  • Silicone stirrer
  • Sandpaper
  • Sealing wax
  • 3 x silicone moulds
  • Measuring spoon

What else you’ll need

  • Kitchen scales
  • Sponge
  • Work surface covering (Cling film or Saran Wrap works great)
  • Water

What do we think?

This starter kit makes an amazing present for a keen crafter or the perfect addition to your craft stash if you’re looking to trial something new. The kit is relatively inexpensive and it includes everything (other than scales!) that you need to get going.

What could be better? The instructions are slightly basic and could include some tips to help you get started such as how much pigment to use or how you can get the lumps out of your mixture (tip: stir like crazy and mash them out!). There’s also no instructions for the little pot of wax that you get and nothing that says what it’s for. After a bit of google searching, we found that it adds a nice shine to your product and can make it water resistant.

Overall – we love it! After some playing around I was addicted and ordered extra ResinCrete that can be bought separately from Amazon.

What’s the benefits of environmentally friendly resin?

Environmentally friendly resin like ResinCrete has the biggest benefit of speed! You can make some stunning pieces in under 30 minutes.

ResinCrete has an average work time of 10-20 minutes which means, as soon as you mix the powder with water and pigment, you don’t have long to pour it before it sets. BUT – your piece will set solid in under 30 minutes and you’ll be able to seal your piece within 24 hours.

This makes it as really quick craft and great if you want to turn around projects quickly or are looking for something to sell that doesn’t take up much prep space or time.

The other big benefit is that you can re-use all of your equipment. ResinCrete in thin layers will wash off surfaces quickly so you can re-use your cups and stirrers. If you spill any or make a mess, its easy to clean too so that takes some stress away. The environmentally friendly nature of this material certainly is a big selling point and can be a USP if you plan on selling your products.

Check out our blog for ideas on what you can make with ResinCrete.

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